Monday, August 15, 2011

Farewell from Gesher D

It's been a fun session, but now it's time for us to go home! We miss our family and friends, but we will miss camp too. We have had so much fun! Thanks for reading! -Hannah N, Hannah M, Ben A, and Harrison F.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chug Interviews

Gesher decided to interview Chug Hip-Hop and Chug Bishul, two chugs that they were interested in (besides blogging of course). The campers asked some really great questions, and got some interesting answers in return. -Heather Goldin (Blogging Specialist)

Bishul Bifnim (Indoor Cooking):

Gesher: What are you making?
Camper: Vegetable tempura.

Gesher: How do you like indoor cooking?
Camper: It's very fun.

Gesher: What ingredients are in the tempura?
Camper: Well for the batter the ingredients are flour, cornstarch, salt, ice water, egg yolk, and fluffy egg whites. Then we chop up vegetables for the batter.

Gesher: For how many years have you been teaching this chug?
Sue (Cooking Specialist): 10 years.


Gesher: What do you like about hip-hop?
Camper: I love to dance.

Gesher: What is special about the dances  you have learned?
Camper: There is a lot of moving around.

Gesher: Why did you choose this chug?
Camper: I like to dance.

Gesher: What kinds of dances do you teach?
Shani (Hip-hop Specialist): Mostly hip-hop.

Gesher: How many years have you taught hip-hop?
Shani: One year.

Gesher: What do you like about teaching hip-hop?
Shani: I love the campers that I teach.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gesher D Photography!!

 By Hannah M: The palm tree has so much texture.

By Hannah M: The shadows are so cool!

By Hannah N: The colors really pop out of the picture.

By Hannah M: I love the design on the flower.

By Hannah M: I love the way that the focus of the picture looks.

By Harrison: It makes whoever took the picture look really tall, and the shoes are really comfortable.

By Ben: I was playing with perspective and optic zoom. I zoomed out as far as possible, which made the tree look really tall.

By Harrison: I like the colors of the feathers and the background.

By Hannah M: I love the fuzzy texture of the flowers.

By Hannah M: "Fun in the Sun"

By Ben: The spoon is actually dirty, but it looks quite clean.

By Ben: It looks like a beautiful fountain. The palm tree spikes also stand out.

By Hannah N: I took this picture because I thought the design looked cool. It's funny because the  picture says "Ip Hop."

By Ben: This is a grasshoppers perspective of the world. It's very blurry and foggy.

By Hannah N: It looks like ben is surfing.

By Hannah N: The tree looks so tall

By Hannah N: Harrison looks like a monster

By Hannah N: I love the colors in the picture.

By Harrison: It looks like you are in a forest, but it's just grass.

By Harrison: I like the tips of the plant, and the background.

By Harrison: The sun is really bright.

By Hannah N: The tree looks really pretty in this picture.

By Hannah N: I like how the tree's shadow is on the mural.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gesher D Word Game!!

The Word Game is simple: We pick one word, and then type the first word that comes to mind when we think of that word! Check out our crazy combinations!

Israel Fair
Food Stand
Having Fun
Camp Ramah

Brian Wilson - Giants Pitcher; world's best memory
Ground ball

White Blood Cells

First post from Gesher D!

Hi! Our names are Hannah N, Hannah M, Ben A, and Harrison F. Harrison is looking forward to going to the treehouse. Hannah N and Hannah M really enjoy going down the waterslides!   Ben is excited to do so many things that he can't thing of one right now!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farewell from Gesher

Thank you for reading our Blog! We are leaving on Wednesday so it is our last day in Chug Blogging, but we are looking forward to Maccabiah tomorrow!

-Charlie, Russell, Tobey, and Adam

Peulot Erev (Night Activity): Harry Potter Night

Almost every night, Edot participate in a peulot erev, or night activity. One of the night activities last week was a Harry Potter night, which Gesher, Abirim, and Machon participated in. The following posts are about the Gesher bloggers reflecting on the night.

Before Haggadah, there was a Harry Potter event. My Machon buddy was Eitan. The stations were based on Harry Potter. The event took place on the tennis courts. My favorite station was the wand making station. Harry Potter is really entertaining. -Adam

From the Harry Potter Night I remember getting prizes! -Charlie

Adam, Charlie, and other campers enjoying Harry Potter Night.

Before Haggadah we had Harry Potter Night. We had a Machon buddy. My buddy was named Gabe. We had activities like Egg on Spoon and Wand Making. We were also asked a lot of Harry Potter trivia questions. I really liked the activity. It made me think of the Harry Potter movies. My favorite Harry Potter movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. -Tobey

Tobey (center) battling against other campers with the wand he made.
On Thursday night, we had a Harry Potter themed carnival. We had a bunch of stations. There was a moon bounce, wand making, balancing an egg on a spoon, and finding M&Ms in a bowl of flour.            -Russell        

Russell (center) with some Machon Buddies.